We know that moving to Canvas means you have questions and need support. We’re here to help with resources including specially designed course templates, tested with faculty, staff and students, best practices documents and best practices workshops. We’re also available for one-on-one consultations to work with you to make the best use of Canvas. Eager to get started? These quick videos will take you through the steps to set up your course.

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UCSB Canvas Course Templates

Following feedback from both instructors and students, we have created two distinct templates for UCSB Canvas courses:​​​​​​ the Minimal Course Template and the Deluxe Course Template.

Both templates include question banks, allowing instructors to create their own "Getting to Know You Survey" and "Mid-Quarter Feedback Survey." They also both include a UCSB Resources page that includes helpful links to campus services for class and wellbeing support.

The templates are available to UCSB instructors in the Canvas Commons; you can import these templates into a sandbox or an empty course shell to explore their features. If needed, you can reset your sandboxes at any time.


Minimal Template

The Minimal Course Template is designed for instructors who primarily use Canvas for content posting.

Deluxe Template

The Deluxe Course Template is designed for instructors who post content and manage assessments in Canvas.